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Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aids have many small working parts, and it is not uncommon over time for a hearing aid to need a repair. You may wake up one morning to a dead hearing aid, the battery door may break or become unhinged, or the shell of an older hearing aid may become cracked or broken. These things can happen even if a hearing aid is properly cared for. If such a situation arises please contact our office immediately. We can properly diagnose the problem and many minor repairs can be done in the office in a short period of time. If the problem requires a significant repair we will give you several options to fix the problem at a reasonable cost. The first option will be to send the aid to the original manufacturer for repair. This can usually be done up to 5-6 years from the original purchase date. The second option is to send the aid to Prairie Labs, which serves as our independent All-Make repair lab. This option is usually less expensive while still providing a quality repair. Every repair will be accompanied with a one year warranty for your benefit.

If your hearing aids were not purchased in our office, we would be happy to try to repair or program your hearing aids. In most cases there is little or no charge to do any minor repairs or adjustments. If you are subject to any charges they will be plainly outlined and agreed to before any work is done. We are able to service and program most major manufacturers but we specialize in Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Please note that newer model hearing aids are much more durable and water resistant than models manufactured prior to 2014. Hearing Solutions is dedicated to providing you the maximum value out of your hearing instruments by fitting you with the most EFFECTIVE and DURABLE products on the market. With this in mind we offer every customer complimentary cleanings throughout the lifetime of their hearing instruments.