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Patient Testimonials

"You will feel like you just walked into a friends home when you arrive for your appointment with Carl.  He is so caring and helpful.  Always ready to make sure your hearing aids are well fitted for your needs.  I highly recommend him."

Charlene C. Auxvasse, Mo

"We had a very good experience with fitting and tailoring to my specific needs.  Very knowledgeable about their product.  Willing to go the extra mile to be sure the satisfaction and functionality."

Dale F. Tebbetts, Mo

"Carl and Wendy are the best!! I now have a quality of life that I had not imagined. I can hear the birds sing and all kinds of other sounds that I have been missing for years. My clients at work have expressed appreciation that I now hear what they have to say without having to ask them to repeat themselves over and over. I can hear at the movies now and realize just how much I have been missing for so long. Carl’s and Wendy’s kindness and and expertise are the very best and they will take good care of you for as long as you reach out to them with any concern. I highly recommend their product and service."

Tom V. Columbia, Mo

"Love my new hearing aids, Carl Willingham did a fantastic job programming them perfect.  I work in an environment that demands hearing with customers.  So much better than my old devices.  I would highly recommend his services.  These are the best ever.  Do not miss out on life going on around you.  Go for it!!"

Jan J. Columbia, Mo

"I was a nervous wreck when my 92 year old mom's hearing aid quit working the day she was to fly home to California by herself.  She was almost in tears to end her visit without being able to hear.  We unsuccessfully tried to get into 1 hearing aid place (which forgot to change their address on their web page!)  Finally found them and waited outside an unmarked door for over 30 minutes....just to find out if they could help.  So headed off to another....Hearing Solutions...was greeted at the door and asked how they could help us.  Carl thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and caring.  You are truly appreciated.  He fixed the hearing aid and she could hear again!  Thanks again!"

Lee W. Ashland, Mo

"Carl and Wendy have been awesome with helping me adjust to having hearing aids!  Very patient (it was more than a year from the time I had the hearing test done until I purchased) and helpful the entire time.  They have gone above and beyond to make sure my hearing aids are what works best for me and not just tuned to what the computer might say.  Carl set things up in a way that I was able to wear my hearing aids every single day without getting frustrated with the way they sounded and I haven't spent a day without them since.  It's great to be able to hear, and join back in conversations that I was missing out on.  They have repeatedly gone above and beyond what I could have ever expected on multiple occasions to make sure I was taken care of.  Great people with huge hearts for helping people.  I'm only 47 and they've got me for life!"

Steve P. Centralia, Mo

"I moved here from Denver where I had purchased my first hearing aids from an Audiologist.  I purchased a set of Siemens/Signia hearing aids.  When we moved to Mexico, Mo I saw a professional hearing aid person in Quincy.  They both did testing and tried to set my hearing aids, but still I was not satisfied.  I met a lady, here in Mexico, that is a patient of Hearing Solutions.  She told me about Carl Willingham and how pleased she was.

So I gave him a try.  He helped me with the hearing aids I already had.  He worked on adjusting them by listening to what I had to say.  Through his patience and helpfulness he did a Great Job compared to the other people I had previously used. His ability to set my hearing aids has made me hear so much better.

He has always been very friendly, helpful, sincere, and very trust worthy.  I just can't say enough about Carl as a professional and as a person. He is the best Hearing Professional I have ever used.  I would Highly recommend him to any one that has a hearing loss."

Anna B.  Mexico, Mo

"Carl and his wife Wendy are quality people!  They are both very accommodating, above and beyond what most people do.  They make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.  Carl had taken time and effort to make sure my hearing aids are comfortable and compatible with my line of work.  I am extremely happy with my experience with Hearing Solutions and highly recommend them."

Becky N. Columbia, Mo

"After moving to Columbia in 2015, I was in the market for hearing aids.  I overheard a person recommend Hearing Solutions on Carter Lane.  After considerable research, shopping, and comparing prices I returned to Hearing Solutions to purchase their Siemens.

I have been very pleased with the tiny device which is not noticeable in my ears.  The product has multiple features plus an electrical charger for batteries which saves the cost of purchasing routine batteries.  Also, the charger helps me prevent misplacing the tiny devices which are either in my ears or charging over night.

Carl and his wife, Wendy,  are a great team.  Carl was so patient during the training phase and answering my many questions.  They aim to please.  I wish I could receive the great service from other businesses that I receive from Hearing Solutions."

Sarah S. Columbia, Mo

"Carl and Wendy took great care of me.  They are both very accomodating and willing to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.  I'm extremely happy with my experience with Hearing Solutions and highly recommend them."

Maryetta S. Columbia, Mo

"I am a single woman and I don't make a lot of money.  Hearing Solutions worked with me for something I could afford.  Another plus is that they are not money hungry like a lot of other places I've been to.  They truly care about helping people hear!"

Diane H. Mexico, Mo

"I am well pleased with the product and service Carl Willingham provides.  He and his assistant are very kind and helpful and the product works very well.  Compared to the others that I have checked out, they are very reasonable in price.  I would highly recommend Hearing Solutions for having good customer service, and a good product."

Mary C. Mexico, Mo 

"I purchased my new hearing aids from Carl at Hearing Solutions.  I have been enjoying hearing some of the sounds I have been missing. Carl did a Great Job of adjusting my new hearing aids to sound really good.  I like that Carl is always available to help with even the simpliest of questions.  I have been telling everyone about Hearing Solutions and to go see Carl for hearing loss."

Shirley K. Mexico, Mo 

"I'm so glad I shopped Mexico for my hearing aids. Carl Willingham with Hearing Solutions has been wonderful to work with!  I would highly recommend his services!!"

Beverly M. Mexico, Mo

"I'm so blessed that I was referred to you.  From the beginning so helpful and cheerful to do so.  You made my old hearing aids (which wasn't old at all) sound and benefit me so much more than who I bought them from.  I ended up not even needing one of them.  Just goes to show how some will take advantage of you.  Helped me get new state of the art hearing aid which I love very much.  Absolutely the best choice in Columbia, Mo.  Highly recommend giving them a chance."

Chris H. Moberly, Mo

"I have been a client of Carl Willingham's for several years.  I highly recommend him to anyone that wears hearing aids or is needing one.  He also has an office in Columbia, Mo where I see him.

His office staff is efficient and friendly.  They go out of their way to accomodate my needs.  I live in Boonville, so an eight or nine o'clock would not be convenient.  I also do not have to wait long for a date.

Carl is always on time, friendly, and efficient.  Answers all my concerns, checks my ears, hearing aids, etc.  The Siemens hearing aids are high quality instruments and last forever.  I love the opportunity to use rechargeable batteries.  They sit safely in the holder overnight and are ready to use in the morning.  I am not aware of them when I wear them and have to remind myself to remove them when I shower."

Georgina G. Boonville, Mo

"Thank you Mr. Willingham.  Your explanations before my purchase were outstanding.  Set up and fine tuning of my hearing aids greatly increased their value and your prices were well below other quotes I recieved.  Your friendly staff is also very helpful."

Tim W. Columbia, Mo

"I would recommend Hearing Solutions to anyone not hearing and understanding what is being said. No matter what age you are it is nice to be able to enjoy hearing your friends and family. I have seen the look on peoples faces when you can tell they didn’t hear what was said. To those people I think if you gave Carl a try you would really enjoy life more. I know my hearing aids have been very helpful to me."

Garnet P. Mexico, Mo

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new hearing aids. It feels like I'm in another world because I am hearing again!!!

I worked at our town election last night and was able to hear people and understand what they were saying. I haven't been able to do this in a long time.

I am just so pleased with how the new aids fit and sound. The new aids are so comfortable that I find myself checking from time to time to make sure they are still there. 

Because people know how much I have struggled with hearing, they have been asking what I did different. I tell them I purchased a new pair of hearing aids from Carl Willingham at Hearing Solutions in Mexico. I am so glad I did. They are making my life so much better. If you are having hearing troubles please give Carl at Hearing Solutions a try."

Mary Lou E. Wellsville, Mo

"I purchased my hearing aids from Hearing Solutions in Mexico, MO., about five months ago.

I put a lot of thought in my decision on purchasing them. It was a large investment for me and I wanted them to be able to last several years. I wanted to buy them locally and wanted a person I could trust and that had some years of experience. That is how I decided to purchased them from Carl at Hearing Solutions.

I have had a learning curve as to how the sound is and how different levels of volume sounds. Carl has worked with me and has met the need and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would recommend you stop and visit with Carl. You will find him very friendly and has many years of experience in his field."

Ron B. Mexico, Mo

"I have been a member of the Hearing Solutions "Family" since 2003, then in my early 50s, and cannot say enough good things about how I have been helped to regain the best hearing possible at the most reasonable cost.

Carl is a true professional. His many years of experience in this field, his compassionate understanding, availability whenever needed, sincere caring for his customers as if they were his own family members—make him a true expert in every sense of the word!

Lynna is a wonderful asset to Carl. In the most kind and advantageous way she helps in the office those of us dealing with hearing loss and needing to check in for assistance at any time.

Carl works perfectly as a team with the ENT physicians—always knowing how to guide and direct a person in making the best possible decisions regarding their hearing needs.

I, along with my Mom, in her late 80s, highly recommend Hearings Solutions to anyone, of any age, needing assistance regarding hearing loss and the necessary solutions to correct and "make up" for this loss. Hearing Solutions is where something initially seen as a "negative" difficulty—hearing loss at any age—truly becomes a "positive" in every way."

Carol L. Mexico, Mo

"I have been coming to Hearing Solutions for about 4 years. They have always been good to me and backed their products. I have always received great service and would Highly recommend Hearing Solutions to anyone with hearing problems."

Dale G. Mexico, Mo

"In the initial appointment the explanation of the hearing aid products and services were thorough. The follow-up appointments were made to answer questions and make any adjustments. These were not limited to a certain number but to insure satisfaction with the product. This is so necessary for the product of this type. I have and would recommend this product to others."

Annabel H. Centralia, Mo

"I have enjoyed going to Hearing Solutions. Mr. Willingham has been very nice and helpful. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family."

Helen W. Columbia, Mo

"Carl has been working with me on my hearing for over 10 years. He will come down and see me when I need any help and can't get to his office. Carl is a wonderful and kind gentleman and has truly helped me as I am sure he will you if you give him a try."

Lucille M. Fayette, Mo

"When I needed new hearing aids last fall I decided to try Hearing Solutions in Mexico MO. as it was most convenient for me. I have been very satisfied with the courteous and professional way that Mr. Willingham handled my examination and following visits to get the hearing aids adjusted properly. I think I made the right choice."

Ruby R. Centralia, Mo

"Carl does a wonderful job helping each individual with their own unique hearing loss. He is a very caring person and will do the best he can to make your hearing loss more manageable. He will work with you to make accommodations both in hearing and financially to be able to receive the best hearing aids for the cost you can afford. The office staff does a good job as well. I would highly recommend Hearing Solutions to anyone with a hearing loss, and have done so already and she also purchased her aids from Carl."

Ruth L. Auxvasse, Mo

"I have been using hearing aids for many years and have always had a problem with them squealing, this bothers me and those around me. The new one that Carl just fit me with doesn't squeal at all. This is such a wonderful thing. My new aid seems to have a more constant level of sound. I am very satisfied with this new aid and would definitely recommend Hearing Solutions to any one having problems hearing."

Fowler E. Vandalia, Mo

"I was very satisfied with my experience at Hearing Solutions in determining my hearing problems and solutions. Carl Willingham professionally conducted the hearing test and explained various options and costs to me to improve my hearing. I recommend Hearing Solutions for your hearing problems."

Richard B. Mexico, Mo

"In all the times I've been to Hearing Solutions with a hearing or hearing aid problem I've never left the office with out a solution. Hearing Solutions has gone out of their way to help me hear better and are always there with a suggestion. I've recommend Hearing Solutions and Carl to my friends and will continue to do so."

Bob T. Columbia, Mo

"I have had hearing aids since about 1985. When I found Carl around 2000 he has always been a blessing to help me with my hearing loss. Sometimes he has had to work out of my area but when he gave me his cell phone number I have been able to call him and he would take the time to come and help me. Now he has his own business Hearing Solutions and still takes time to help me. I just purchased new aids from him and they work very well. I am very grateful that I found Carl. If you have a hearing loss give Carl Willingham and Hearing Solutions a try and I think you will feel as Blessed as I do."

Kathryn C. Boonville, Mo

"My Name is Lillian. I live in Glasgow MO. and do not drive in Columbia. I was very happy to find out Hearing Solutions came to Fayette and has an office in the Keller Building. Carl can test your hearing and order you hearing aids. I am happy with my hearing aids and would recommend them to anyone. Also you can get your batteries by calling and having them mailed to you."

Lillian B. Glasgow, Mo

"I'm very happy with the hearing aids and service that Hearing Solutions provides. He has gone out of his way to help me with service and I have seen a big improvement in my ability to hear in most situations. This is my second set of hearing aids that I have purchased from Carl and the technology continues to improve. I look forward to doing business with Hearing Solutions for many years to come!"

Linda A. Boonville, Mo

"I've had four sets of hearing aids and I have noticed an improvement with each set of hearing aids. My newest set is the best yet and is waterproof. The service that Hearing Solutions provides has always been outstanding and I have worn my last two sets (purchased from Hearing Solutions) much more than I ever have before. I only wish that more companies ran their business in the way that Carl does."

Bill A. Boonville, Mo

"Let me start by saying Thank You!!! In 2012 my step-father suffered a severe stroke. After the stroke he was moved to Pin Oaks nursing home, where he remained until he passed this year.

Acute hearing loss was a great problem for quite some time before the stroke, and even more so afterward. The stroke had greatly affected his speech, and his being unable to hear made it nearly impossible to communicate with him.

In March you gave us a loaner hearing aid, and helped me in the battle with his insurance company. Mid march you gave him a hearing test, and made molds for his new set of hearing aids. The set came quickly, and I felt relief that I would not have to deal with them any more. As it turned out that was not to be the case.

You will remember that one thing after another kept happening. I don't know how many times he would break one and then the other. The stroke had dimmed his thinking and reasoning abilities. He would drop them and step on them. Or drop them in water. For one reason or another I was constantly bringing them to you. Sometimes it was every other day. At times it was every other week. You never failed to fix or replace them. This went on for several months.

Not once did I ever sense any hesitance on your part. Many times I brought them in for cleaning, and in all of this you would not even accept a payment.

Thank you again for all that you have done. I am already telling others that Hearing Solutions is the place to go for your hearing needs."

Lee M. Mexico, Mo

"My experience at Hearing Solutions has been very good, both when Floyd Hansett helped me and since Carl Willingham took over the Columbia location. Carl made some adjustments for my hearing aids and was able to keep cost at a minimum. He is most pleasant and considerate to work with.

The company has a good range of products and seems able to cover needs of most people. I sincerely recommend Hearing Solutions and Carl Willingham."

Carolyn K. Boonville, Mo

"I am very pleased with the service I have received from Hearing Solutions. They are very friendly and helpful. I would Recommend them to anyone that has a hearing loss and in need of a hearing aid."

David M. Mexico, Mo

"We have been very well satisfied with the service and the hearing aids from Carl at Hearing Solutions. You have always been glad to help and service our aids in any way possible. We look forward to calling on you when we need any help."

Wilma and Lester B. Mexico, Mo

"I am extremely happy With Hearing Solutions. I have even recommended Hearing Solutions to some of the customers at the business I work at. Telling them Hearing Solutions has the Best Prices and the Best Service in this area."

David P. Centralia, Mo

"My experience with Hearing Solutions began with an unfortunate event for me while traveling cross country from Arizona to Columbia, Missouri, where I wanted to settle close to my son and daughter-in-law. Alas on the last day while visiting family in Houston, Texas we discovered my right unit to be broken and unusable. What to do but soldier on, and face facts after we arrived in Columbia.

The day after we arrived in Missouri, my daughter-in-law Paula connected with Carl, whom we did not know at the time. He looked at the broken piece and decided he could patch it up. He had a work space and whatever else he needed, so we left with his assurance that all would have the right outcome.

Another day and all was whole again. Carl presented us with the unit and a smile and would accept no payment!! My thought was “if I ever need a new hearing aid, I know who to call,” and I did. When I settled on new hearing aids Carl worked patiently with me through the process of learning to use the new devices, and would not rest until my needs were met. This even involved taking back the ones we had selected when they weren't working well for me, and getting custom made units that were more comfortable for me to wear."

Katie K.

"I am elderly so my Siemens hearing aids are my third set and by far the best for me. There were some minor problems in the first couple of weeks but Carl Willingham met with me each time I called until everything was fixed. Having a charger to put them in when I am not wearing them is the best improvement. They are always ready to go and there is no chance of them ‘going off' while I'm wearing them. No batteries to carry and change – that's worth the cost for me."

Donna W. Columbia, Mo